Monday, 11 February 2019

Clutch pipe update

I forgot to add this to the history so better late than never.

I initially ran all the brake pipes and clutch pipe quite early on in the chassis part of the build. It was midway through last year when I realised that the latest AK Gen III rolling chassis appeared to have a larger size clutch pipe. I had a quick chat with Jon and he confirmed this. Great!

I managed to find 1/4" copper pipe fairly easily but fixings were another matter, let alone a flexi as all brake/clutch flexi's in those lovey colours are all 3/16". Finally I contacted Speedflow ( and they were happy to make a 1/4" (dash 4 hose) teflon flexi for me.

Re-running the pipe was relatively straight forward apart from the face that all the pipe hangers were for 3/16" pipe which meant I had to enlarge them a little.

I had to replace the 3/16" bulkhead fitting with a 1/4" substitute. Fortunately I was able to enlarge the hole in the bracket just enough for the larger bulkhead to fit.

New bulkhead fitting

New pipe all fitted and clipped in place

Parcel from Speedflow. All parts to connect the 1/4" flexi from the new 1/4" pipe onto the banjo port on the clutch cylinder 

Chassis pipe end of the flexi connection


Tuesday, 29 January 2019


Never a good idea at the best of times but halfway through a car build!!!

Still. All went really well. Obviously the garage and car were all packed up first. Priorities and all that :).

I had a Luton van filled with all my garage stuff and tools engine hoist etc. This, along with the car were transported a few days before the actual move date as we had access to the garages early as this is a new build. Very useful that was too.

This meant that I had to put the body on a little earlier than I had wanted too so it will have to come off again but still, needs must.

Body ready to be assembled
Rolling chassis
The happy crew. Couldn't have done it without you.
So relieved. Everything lines up as hoped.
Roll bar mount
Roll bar mount

Fuel filler, breather and fuel sender hole
Fuel filler

Gearbox lever hole
Back in garage before the big day

Car on its way. So many bits in the cockpit and boot..

Radiator and Cooling - Pt 2

Well..... Lots to report on although not so much on the build.

I've managed to get more done on the plumbing which just needs a few hose clips to complete.

Nice box of new bits from ASH. Still need a few more though!
Expansion tank to rad top
Top main hose to thermostat

Fan switch and thermocouple in its in-line adaptor

Heater hoses fitted. Just a bit long so will cut to length later
Bottom hose/pipe. Still need to connect to pump.
Thermostat and pump connections.
I wasn't sure about the blue but overall now I'm pretty happy with it.

Spark plug cable management

I have never been a fan of seeing plug cables going everywhere, however well there clipped etc. Just my personal preference though.

I purchased a pair of billet aluminium cable guides and started to fit them but realised that again, as per the alternator, there was an issue with the Gen III chassis on one side of the engine.

There was nothing for it but to make some new brackets and change the orientation of how these fit.

Cable guides

New brackets folded just need to be drilled and cleaned.

Midway through

Installed. Just need a few clips to space and hold the short length still visible and sort lengths.

Alternator position update

When I first built the engine I fitted the alternator down low below as this gave a better belt run. However it very quickly became apparent that this was a big issue as not only did it obscure the steering shaft but also it collided with the Gen III chassis. All had to change. So... I rotated it up as necessary but this meant then that it caused issues with the hoses from the pump etc. I ended up in having to purchase a new longer belt, an extended tensioner an offset bracket and a few additional spacers.

New parts for the re-positioned alternator

Creating an undercut to clear the corner on the alternator

Installed in its new position with just enough access for the hoses.

Power Steering Pump - Pt 3

Just a quick update on the power steering pump mount. This has now been fully welded and the pump body straps are now attached too.

All complete bar powder coating

Powder coated and ready to install
Mount and pump installed

I've just received the hoses. I'll fit them when I have a little more time.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Radiator and Cooling - Pt 1

I've now started to fit the radiator and fan. Both of these have come from AK. I read on one of the posts recently that you can get rubber grommets from Rimmer Brothers (Part Number 500447) to sit the radiator on and can now confirm that these are really great and fit perfectly.

Shiny new rad and brackets
After minor adjustment brackets all fitted
Rubber grommets
Radiator and brackets installed
Now onto the fan. The fan comes with a number of different options for fitting by either clipping to the radiator or by bolting top the chassis. I've opted to bolt to the chassis as this means that I don't  to risk damaging the core over time and also I can remove either the fan or the radiator independently should the need arise (hopefully not for quite some time).

First I positioned the fan where I wanted it to go although it's very close to the anti-roll bar and marked very carefully the 4 holes that will fasten it to the radiator support frames. These were then drilled and tapped and the fan offered up and bolted in position.

Fan bolted in place
However, two immediate problems. The first one is that the plastic grill of the fan is broken. Looks to have been done in transit at some point and that was very quickly sorted by AK who are putting a replacement in the post immediately. As normal fantastic help and service, nothing ever too much. The nest problem meant that I have to cut a scallop from the lower support frame as the rotation fan could touch which I really don't want to happen as this will cause problems. So. Off with the fan after marking what needs to be remove ant out with the die grinder to remove the metal.

Scallop cut out and smoothed
All painted
I'll have to wait now for the replacement fan before I finally fit the fan.

Next job is fitting the lovely stainless header tank. This is really well made and will look good in the engine bay.

Shiny new stainless header tank

Chassis rail drilled and tapped

Just thought i'd add a picture of where the rolling chassis as of now.